BMW i 360˚

As a sub-brand of BMW, BMW i represents innovation, technology, and of course performance. 
The all-electric BMW i3 and the plug-in hybrid BMW i8 are the first-ever of their kind, changing the way people think about driving while turning heads along the way. At the end of the day, these aren't just any other electric vehicles, these are BMWs.


CES - Portal to Tomorrow

At the BMW Innovation Experience at CES 2016, we recreated the 185-foot facade of Renaissance Las Vegas Hotel with an illusionary mural depicting BMW’s most advanced vehicles emerging from a future city atop a floating highway, headed directly toward the BMW Innovation Experience where attendees could test drive those cars.

ECD: Paul Renner / Marc Hartzman  •  CW: Rob Hirst-Hermans  •  AD: Jae Jung  •  Production Company: Taylor James


BMW i Boston OOH_0002.jpg

Billboard - Rivalry

Using a prominent billboard space in downtown Boston, we took the infamous sports rivalry between Boston and New York to highlight the silent nature of the all-new, all-electric BMW i3 in a way that every Bostonian could appreciate.

GCD: Marc Hartzman  •  CW: Casey Beck  •  Jr. CW: Stephie Coplan  •  AD: Jae Jung

2015 Obie Gold

2015 Obie Gold


Print - GQ Magazine

CD: Marc Hartzman  •  CW: Casey Beck  • AD: Jae Jung


Direct Mail - How We Made Future

To showcase all the innovative engineering, we created a booklet that lets the user peel away acetate layers of the vehicle. 

CD: Marc Hartzman  •  CW: Logan Leabo  •  AD: Jae Jung


Homepage Takeover - New York Times

In the style of a countdown to the future, this unique homepage takeover introduced NY Times readers to the world of BMW i.

CD: Marc Hartzman  •  CW: Casey Beck  •  AD: Jae Jung


Landing Page -

CD: Marc Hartzman  •  CW:Casey Beck  •  AD: Jae Jung